When it comes to industrial structures one size simply does not fit all. That is why Marygrove Awnings provides fixed and retractable structures as well as arched structures that are fully modular and can be joined side by side or end to end to cover extremely large surface areas. Our custom industrial products provide cost effective rugged solutions to cover all of your needs. Below are the most common applications. Contact us for any custom applications listed or not listed below.

  • Clean Rooms
  • Industrial Tarps
  • Industrial Covers
  • Industrial Roll Up Curtains
  • Loading Dock Covers
  • Machinery Covers
  • Mesh Tarps
  • Oil Rig Wind Breaks
  • Nylon Safety Needs

  • Bird Mesh
  • Welding Curtains
  • Wind Screens
  • Bakery Conveyer Catch Cloth
  • Biogas Covers
  • Concrete Curing Covers
  • Hurricane Tarps
  • And more…

Marygrove Awnings also builds extremely large individual structures to accommodate oversized objects such as silos, large vessels, process tanks, etc.

No matter how vast your site is or how unusual the terrain, Marygrove Awnings can configure logistic solutions that make the most efficient use of available space at the lowest operating cost. We can even customize structures to fit extremely long narrow spaces or mold them to fit in areas with an irregular shape.

Marygrove Awnings versatile steel and fabric structures are ideal for
large scale projects because they are much cheaper to build, quicker
to install and easier to maintain than traditional brick and mortar buildings.

They are also extremely durable and are built to withstand all of the natures elements. Naturally, structures can be reinforced to resist even greater wind speeds and support heavier loads upon request.

For large scale solutions with unique features custom built to your specifications, contact us to experience the difference that Marygrove Awnings can make in streamlining your project operations and maximizing your productivity.

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